September 2014 Update

The BLM parcels scheduled for leasing in January 2014 have been deferred thanks to our efforts and the efforts of a broad coalition including the Hopi, the Western Environmental Law Center, Wild Earth Guardians, and the San Juan Citizens Alliance. However, the BLM has begun an EIS process in order to go to full field development in the area. In late May, the Chaco Alliance, Western Environmental Law Center, San Juan Citizens Alliance, and others filed over 100 pages of scoping comments on the BLM's Mancos Shale management amendment and related EIS. In addition, we have met with the New Mexico Preservation Officer and shared concerns that recent improvements to the Chaco road were in violation of state and federal laws. In August, the Hopi Tribe wrote that they "share the Chaco Alliance's concerns that improvements have been or are about to be made to CR7950 without consultation or compliance." We continue to monitor both the energy development around Chaco and the Chaco road. We have long believed the two are connected.
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