December 2017 Update

The Chaco Alliance, along with the San Juan Citizens Alliance, Wild Earth Guardians, Western Environmental Law and others, has submitted over sixty pages of comments to the BLM opposing the March 2018 lease sale of over 4500 acres near Chaco. This is the BLM’s third major attempt to lease near Chaco since 2009 when they first proposed leasing 9000 acres near the park. This initial effort was defeated primarily thanks to the Hopi and with the assistance of the Chaco Alliance, San Juan Citizens Alliance, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. BLM’s attempt to lease 18,500 acres in 2012, many within a half mile of the park, was again met with opposition, and BLM deferred almost all the parcels. Although some of the parcels within ten miles of Chaco in this new offering have already been deferred, there are many more parcels offered close to that artificial boundary, and, not only will the park be impacted, but the Chacoan landscape and many Navajo communities and lives will again be made into a sacrifice zone. Please make your voices heard. Write to Victoria Barr ( asking that all the parcels be withdrawn, and that a complete moratorium on new drilling be put in place.

The Chaco Alliance has also written to the BIA Regional archaeologist who oversees the Navajo lands surrounding Chaco. We are seeking clarification and help in making sure the BLM adheres to proper procedure when improving roads in order to protect sacred sites. A copy of that letter will be added to our documents

We continue to wait for the BLM’s Victoria Barr to respond to our letters regarding the lack of consultation and the lack of protection of six sites in and along the Chaco Road in the 2014 road improvement. The BLM has stonewalled us for many months. A copy of those letters will be added to our documents.
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